Red, White and Blue Bell

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The Fourth of July family celebration conjures up images of outdoor enjoyment, sweat on the brow, kids splashing in the water, and scoops of ice cream that refresh the soul. Unfortunately, July 4, 2015, marks the first Independence Day celebration without Blue Bell ice cream, since 1907.

As the heat index rises on the remaining summer months, so does the pressure on a brand that Americans in 23 states have loved and consumed with a loyalty equal to their love for flying the U.S. flag. The Blue Bell brand had built a persona as powerful as Old Glory herself. Now, the ice cream’s glory is fading with each lingering day, as we turn our taste buds to alternatives we never considered comparable.

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Return to me, you tired, poor, huddled masses

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Walmart is making strides to lead the way of future hope and prosperity in America. It’s a giant PR step forward in the effort to lure lost customers back to its fold while attracting newer loyalists. It’s positioning efforts now indicate a connection with millennial pocketbooks, which could influence a favorable swing for future sales and a favorable uptick for its image on Wall Street.

The titan of retail, whose iconic brand has weathered more storms than Lady Liberty, is now embracing its employees with pay increases that will grow to $10 an hour by early 2016. The demonstration of compassion and fairness is an appealing attribute to millennials. On the surface, it appears to be mission driven.

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The Name Game

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Naming something new is always a fun challenge. The key is keeping it fun and minimizing the challenge, especially for your target audience.

Several recent client projects required naming an entity. The name game — and in one particular case a game of re-naming — followed an in-depth development of a brand position. Getting your head and heart around the brand position is such an influential factor in the sustainability of any entity. Moving simply from an idea or concept to a name, without the branding wrestle is a misstep in the marketplace.

Sometimes the naming can be as hand-wrenching as the brand development itself if you let it take on a life of its own. Don’t hoard all the emotional investment for the naming component. If you invest your emotions sufficiently in the earlier stage of brand development then you will discover that rational thinking can be your best lead in the naming phase.

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Sampling Experiential Branding


Experiential branding techniques have yet to reach a full swell as a growing trend. Many brands naturally connect with some kind of experience. Coca-Cola has mastered the experiential tie to its iconic drink for decades. Experience — especially a fun experience — is integral to its brand promise.

Liquor brands fall into the same category, portraying their brands within the context of something festive or special. In an effort to position themselves more favorably and directly with consumers, liquor brands are hosting special invitation-only events in thirsty cities across the country.

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Brand Influence On Domestic Violence

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It will be interesting to see how the specifics shape up within the National Football League (NFL), as it takes ownership of creating a role model culture of professional football players who know how to behave and know how to demonstrate self-control and respect for another human being.

Domestic violence has been around since Cain murdered Abel. However, the increasing transparency and visibility of the intimate lifestyles of NFL players bring the issue to center stage for sports fans and society. If only security cameras and smartphones were not so prevalent, capturing our behavior especially when we think we are discreet or undetected.

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