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Our Capabilities

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We're capable of having fun. If you're no fun, then call on another agency.

We're capable of thinking strategically and seriously on behalf of each client. If you're not serious about setting your campaign apart from the pack, then stick with the pack and not with us.

We're capable of serving clients from a variety of industries. If you're looking for narrow expertise, then our broader perspective and capabilities are not for you.

We're capable of learning and we learn fast. Each new client teaches us something new, and we apply that additional knowledge to the success of each campaign.


Who are you, anyway? We help our clients understand the heart, soul, and purpose of their respective brands, and how to deliver on their brand promise in creative ways. Internal and external research are key drivers to brand development.

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Constituency Relations

The general public as an audience can be overwhelming to tackle. Sometimes it makes better sense to dissect the larger public into smaller groups, which we call constituencies.

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Investor Relations

Make the most of publicity opportunities during your start-up phase and whet the appetite of investors prior to your IPO. If you are already a publicly traded company, develop your relationships further with targeted communications that matter to investors and analysts.

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Special Event Management

The devil is in the details behind a spectacular gala, grand opening or gathering of employees or share owners. Whatever your special event calls for, SPR can help relieve you of the stress that comes with project management.

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Advertising and Marketing

SPR works closely with our clients and innovative outside partners to develop the most effective integrated communication package for the client. Our creative teams produce compelling advertising, and our media buying team knows how to place your ads before the right audience.


Media Relations

Whether it is news, opinion editorials, business, features or finance, let traditional and social media tell your story. In doing so, you develop brand credibility with your audience and influence public opinion around your services.

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Employee Communications

Your employee base is one of your greatest assets. Are you effectively leveraging this asset to propel your business forward? SPR can help you identify the most effective means of breaking through internal clutter.

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Not every company is philanthropic. Nevertheless, every company does have opportunities to support local projects in the communities where its employees live and work. It's called coporate social responsibility.

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C-Suite Communications

Strategically place your company's leadership before the right venues with the right message. Never underestimate the value or effectiveness of having a president or CEO shape the internal company culture. Likewise, be sure to leverage your leadership participation in activities outside the corporate suite.

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