Our Country Should Never Forget

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Most 16-year-old teens in America will not recall what actually happened on September 11, 2001. Like the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, it's an historic event, but one with little to no point of personal reference.

Time passes quickly, and the tragedy of history is easy to forget. As a result, it's easy to ignore the impact that so many Americans still feel today. However, it is not easy to dismiss the tidal wave of memories many will have this weekend, recalling the sense of uncertainty about loved ones, the vivid details of where they were when it all came crashing down on Manhattan and the somber state of shock that rattled a country.

Time went by too quickly for a local mattress shop in Texas. In the genre of poor local television commercials, the retailer anchored a promotion to 9/11. It's Twin Towers sale mimicked the iconic skyscrapers of New York City as the store manager declared the discounts. At the conclusion of the aired spot, which should have never been slotted for play, two employees crash into the mattress towers, as the manager fakes a gasping look of shock. She then looks to the viewing audience and says, "We'll never forget."

Someone in the station's sales department did forget to speak into the matter, as well as everyone involved in its production. It was tragedy upon tragedy.

The commercial spot experienced a short life, and public apologies continue flowing, according to the San Antonio Express-News.

It's a different reality today in the financial district of Manhattan than it was in 2001. It's a fading reality for Americans who are growing up without being anchored to what a country should never forget.